Resources for

Policy Makers and Implementers

Policy-related content 

Small Business Cybersecurity Background

Why small businesses need cybersecurity, why they often struggle implementing controls, and what can be been done to help them.

Project site for Policy Materials

Repository of all policy documents linked on this page.

Policy Brief for SLTT governments

A proposal for local governments to update their procurement policies to support cybersecurity best practices.

Templates and Implementation Plans


Template Cybersecurity Plan

A template that can be used by businesses to document cybersecurity practices.

Vendor Cybersecurity Policy and Sample Contract Language

Provides sample language to be used by governments or organizations for their cybersecurity policy and vendor contracts.

Cybersecurity Policy Mapping

Shows how our cybersecurity policy maps to the NIST CSF, the CIS Controls, and ISO 27000 standards.


'Eat Hackers for Lunch' Operational Plan


Contains the steps and process to implement the 'Eat Hackers for Lunch' foundational cybersecurity campaign 


One-page leave-behind for small businesses

A 1-pg document describing the advocacy tools for small businesses.